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Streamline, Maximise, Deliver

DCT Facilities Management has an enviable track record of helping organisations of all sizes turn their FM operations around. We work with ‘in-house’ teams and with ‘service providers’. It is not just about cost efficiencies or reducing bought-in cost, or outsourcing the operation, it is about creating a great team and an operational structure that is fit for purpose, now and up to 5 years hence.

We help you streamline your Facilities Management function, whilst maintaining service quality and in many cases significantly improving it.

We help service providers look at their client side operations to ensure they are maximising their entitlement, exploring all opportunities and growing their operation, whilst delivering what the client needs. We helped a well known FM company turn a failing £1.9m contract in to successful £6.0m contract. The FM Contractor’s client was delighted with the turn around in service and was happy to award more work as the operations were performing.

We look at the whole picture, talking to all the stakeholders to ensure we clarify everyone’s needs and expectations. We help you define the Service Level Agreement (SLA) balancing this against budgets. By taking a zero based budgeting approach, we ensure you maximise your budget and your operations.

Our approach to Facilities Management is down to earth, jargon free and quite different to that of our competitors. We listen, we seek a clear understanding of our Clients’ goals, aspirations and culture. This way we deliver and often genuinely surpass expectations. There is not a credible ‘one size fits all’ model so we always start with a blank page.